Lipozene is sold through TV infomercials, and it’s manufactured and distributed by Obesity Research Institute. They claim that it will burn a lot of fat, in fact the large majority of your weight loss will be fat at this time. They also claim that it uses 1500mg of something to give you that result, which is a high amount in general for most ingredients. They talk about helping you to achieve everything that you would need. But does Lipozene work?

Price: $39.99

Ingredients and Mechanism of Action:

Their only reported ingredient is called glucomannan. Glucomannan is a natural fiber and appetite suppressant. It does not actually burn fat, and quite frankly it only promotes really modest weight loss. The slower weight loss may trick you into thinking that more of it is fat. But in studies, this is not actually suggested at all. Now they use a 1500mg proprietary blend. But why would you need a proprietary blend with just one ingredient? The simple fact is that you wouldn’t. The only thing it achieves is the ability to hide fillers that have nothing to do with weight loss or any benefits at all. It’s an effective ingredient, but not for the claims they make.

Overall Impression of Lipozene

We would not recommend Lipozene. They make blatantly false claims, and you definitely don’t need to pay $40 for a bottle of simple glucomannan. We have our doubts about the real ingredients as well, and either way we wouldn’t suggest actually using this product. It does not provide the promise you should really be looking for.

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