Hydroxycut has always been an extremely popular line of weight loss products. They started out in the ephedra era and made their name at that time. However, with the ban of ephedra, they had to reformulate their line, ending up with a full line of products for every possible need and range. However, apparently they really didn’t learn their lesson. There have been multiple reports of problems such as liver damage, and in early 2009, the FDA acted because quite frankly there was a death of a young man from severe liver failure that takes years to develop for most people even with extreme alcohol abuse.

Hydroxycut Downfall

The FDA basically came out with a statement of stay away from all Hydroxycut products, and Hydroxycut in turn tried to make themselves look good by pulling 14 products off the market for”customer safety.” If they hadn’t done it voluntarily, you can guarantee that the FDA would have done it for them. Since then, Hydroxycut has created new products that are way more mild. Because they were worried about what had just happened, they left out a ton of ingredients that were the ingredients that made the original Hydroxycut effective. So now, they have a very mild ineffective product.


Needless to say, we don’t recommend Hydroxycut. Not only has their company put customers in danger in the past, but now they have a product that hardly even works. We recommend doing a bit more research to find a product that is effective and that will get you your desired results without putting you in serious danger.

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