AloeCran is a drink mix that supposedly has many health benefits. It can help to relieve heartburn, support digestion, control blood sugar, and maintain normal cholesterol and triglycerides. They claim that it is a delicious mix that can be taken any time of day. It doesn’t contain any sugars, artificial sweeterners, or preservatives. By looking at the ingredients we don’t doubt that it really is healthy for you. We do question its weight loss capabilities though.

Price: $29.97 for 1 Month Supply

Ingredients and Mechanism of Action:

AloeCran ingredients are included in 3 different concentrates: Activaloe, Pacran, and Fibersol. These basically consist of Aloe vera juice, cranberry juice, and a source of fiber. Now these ingredients all have good health benefits. Aloe vera juice may help to support a healthy digestive system. Cranberry has also been known to support a healthy digestion, and it contains several good antioxidants. Fiber is a great way to regulate fat storage and to help you feel full for longer.

Overall Impression of AloeCran

This product seems to contain some good ingredients, and those who have reviewed the product like its taste. This product will probably help you to regulate your digestive system, but we don’t really see how it will help you to lose weight. Sure fiber can help you feel full longer, but an apple or piece of whole wheat bread contains almost as much fiber as this does. We suggest that you find a cheaper product that actually has proven fat burners, or ingredients geared towards weight loss.

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